VALE Technology


In last 15 years, pharmaceutical companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars looking for a new transdermal delivery platform that delivers a broad range of drugs. Other than BioChemics’ VALE® technology, all technologies existing today deliver only 12-15 limited molecules.

All other transdermal systems have functioned on the premise that only the outer layer of skin needed to be penetrated for transdermal delivery to occur. The logic was that, if you could penetrate the stratum corneum and get deep enough into the skin, access to the blood stream (systemic delivery) would naturally occur. The premise only worked for 12-15 drugs that have a high log P value and molecular structure such that they can penetrate skin structure on their own (nicotine, testosterone, estrogen, fentanyl, dyclophanac, etc.), while the balance of existing drugs did not penetrate the skin at all.

VALE® technology has made a major advance by looking at other barrier structures (biochemical and biophysical) in the skin. Our scientists believed that the skin must have additional protective barriers designed to keep foreign substances out in addition to the stratum corneum as the skin is the largest organ and is designed to protect the body from intrusion. Our research has led to major advances in understanding the functionality of skin and subsequently the technology needed to create the first truly broad based, efficient transdermal technology.

BioChemics’ Technologies

The platform is currently composed of three technologies:

  • VALE® (Vaso-Active Lipid Encapsulated): BioChemics’ lead technology. It is a patchless cream or gel
    based technology with an individual dosing system to precisely control dosing. Once applied to the skin,
    it disappears within 60 seconds. VALE is used for targeted and systemic delivery of small molecules.

  • mNET™ (Micro-Needle Enabling Technology): Technology designed for macromolecules such as
    proteins. The technology is an enabling technology that is coated onto the microneedle to allow an
    active to be delivered into the skin to exit the skin via vasodilation.
  • PENtoCORE® (Intradermal Delivery): Used for products designed to treat skin diseases, OTC products,
    and cosmeceutical and cosmetic products where high bioavailability with a topical product is necessary.

No other dug delivery company that exists today can come close to competing with BioChemics on its
platform technology capabilities and potential product pipeline.