Welcome to BioChemics!

BioChemics has developed a novel, transdermal drug delivery system called VALE® (Vaso-active Lipid Encapsulated) as well as a suite of other transdermal and intradermal technologies. The lead technology, VALE®, is a major breakthrough in transdermal science and, for the first time, may allow almost any drug to be efficiently delivered through the skin. VALE® is a patchless cream or gel based technology enabling targeted or systemic delivery of drugs.

VALE® Technology

All other transdermal technologies combined can only deliver about 12-15 drugs transdermally (these are drugs like nicotine, testosterone, estrogen, fentanyl, etc. which have a rare molecular structure). Only VALE® technology has demonstrated that it can potentially work with the majority of the pharmacopoeia.

Topically applied, VALE® products currently under development are intended to offer an effective method to quickly and safely deliver a wide variety of active drug molecules deep into the skin tissue or the blood stream. Delivering a drug through the skin rather than orally is potentially safer as it avoids gastro-intestinal problems, first pass liver effect, and interaction with other oral drugs. Additionally, transdermal delivery can target specific areas directly with small doses of a drug avoiding the need to deliver massive oral doses, which create additional side effects.

With the launch of VALE® products, BioChemics hopes to provide a significant technological advance in the field of transdermal drug delivery.

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