Wound Healing and Inflammation Patent Issued to BioChemics

Danvers, MA – January 17, 2013 - BioChemics announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 8,343,486 entitled “Methods and Compositions for Topical Treatment of Medical Conditions Including Wounds and Inflammation” to BioChemics, Inc., a biotechnology company located in Danvers, MA. The patent, which was filed and prosecuted by Sunstein Kann Murphy and Timbers LLP, issued on January 1, 2013 and will expire February 26, 2031.

The patent covers the use of various topical formulations for treating wounds, ulcers, and inflammatory conditions, including topical formulations comprising a combination of the retinoid Vitamin A and the blood vessel dilator methyl nicotinate in a stable emulsion and topical formulations comprising a combination of a retinoid and the blood vessel dilators methyl nicotinate and arginine. The topical formulations may include additional or alternative retinoids or blood vessel dilators and also may include an antioxidant and/or a mitochondrial function promoter. The target medical conditions include a variety of wounds and ulcers associated with a number of different causes, including diabetic neuropathy, or myopathy, cancer, or from a physical injury to the location.

“This new technology allows our science team to begin the development of new treatments for wounds that have a difficult time healing,” said John Masiz, President of BioChemics, Inc. “The type of wound we are dealing with here are generally ulcerative and are very difficult to treat with current treatment options; things like bed sores, diabetic foot ulcerations, traumatic injury etc.”

The wound care area represents a significant part of the global healthcare expense. The global market for wound care products, which covers everything from dry bandages, hydrogels and alginate dressings to artificial skin and anti-infective products used in wound care, reached $14.9 billion in 2010 according to research firm Kalorama Information.[1]

[1] Kalorama Information. World Wound Care Markets 2011. 1 June 2011. Data via MarketResarch.com available at http://www.slideshare.net/MarketResearchcom/world-wound-care-markets-2011 [9 January 2013].

About BioChemics

BioChemics is a pharmaceutical company that has developed a portfolio of novel topical and transdermal drug delivery systems that allow a substantial amount of drugs that were previously undeliverable transdermally to be delivered through the skin. The current technology portfolio includes the Derma-Release technology, VALE (Vaso Active Lipid Encapsulated) technology, and Mnet (Micro-needle Enabling Technology) This portfolio clearly distinguishing the Company as one the most advanced drug delivery developers in the World. The Company has a significant portfolio of products under development as well as a number of strategic collaborations.


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