Taking the Red Out of Rosacea
The Launch of New Intra-Dermal Skincare by Bio-Scriptives

BOSTON—October 5, 2010—Bio-Scriptives (a division of BioChemics, Inc.—a specialty pharmaceutical firm) announces the launch of new, innovative and patent-pending products designed to provide a significant advance in the treatment of rosacea.

What is Rosacea?
Rosacea is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease characterized by facial redness, sensitive skin and sometimes pimples. It occurs when the body forms excessive and unnecessary blood vessels in a specific area causing heightened redness.  Rosacea affects over 16 million Americans (The National Rosacea Society). The most effective way to treat the condition is to target the blood vessels in the roseatic area with a laser/light, which damages the walls of the blood vessel and causes it to collapse.

Pre Vas-ex  and Post Vas-ex
Bio-Scriptives’ products for rosacea are called Pre Vas-ex and Post Vas-ex.  They are designed for use in conjunction with laser/light treatments to enhance the performance of the therapy and provide a rosacea sufferer with a substantially better treatment result. In fact, clinical studies have shown that patients using the Pre and Post Vas-ex products, in conjunction with a laser/light treatment, can expect up to a 67% increase in the performance of the laser/light treatment than when using laser/light therapy alone. The products work because of their unique action. Pre Vas-ex is applied prior to a laser/light procedure and allows the laser/light to find more targets. Post Vas-ex is applied after the procedure and allows the damaged blood vessel to collapse and be absorbed by the body faster. The 67% increase in the laser/light therapy performance can make a tremendous difference in visual appearance.

About Bio-Scriptives
Bio-Scriptives was formed by BioChemics to develop the first biophysically modulated technology for skincare. Bio-Scriptives products use a technology called Derma-Release® to target specific intra-dermal skin layers, ushering in a new era in skincare treatment. The products work by manipulating blood flow, utilizing unique therapeutic and essential extracts, to target specific intra-dermal skin layers to achieve unparalleled results. These products are developed and formulated to be powerful tools with treatment resistant patients or for those patients looking to achieve meaningful results.

The Bio-Scriptives product line is currently available through the Bio-Scriptives Store (www.bioscriptives.com), dermatology offices and medical spas (call 1-888-866-9422 for more information).

Laura Stephens
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